Missions in Romania

Romania map

Where: Romania
When: 3-4 weeks in mid-summer
How: Through the Missions Involvement Services and local agencies that work in Romania.
Objectives: To encourage the pastors and local missionaries in the area and open students to the idea of missions.
To learn more: Contact Dr. Gallagher


Computer Science professors recognize the importance of missions. Since 2001 Dr. Gallagher has led a team during the summer to Romania. The teams focus on teaching basic computer skills in a class setting. Each team member has the opportunity to teach a lesson they have prepared. Teaching about computers is not the only focus during the class. These classes are hosted by local churches in the villages and towns and give the church an open door to the students who might not normally attend church service. As a student at Cedarville it is a wonderful time to be stretched spiritually, see another culture and serve God.

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