Dr. Seth Hamman

Dr. Seth Hamman


Office: ENS 171
Phone: 937-766-7686
Email: Contact Professor


Professor Hamman has been at Cedarville since August 2012. After graduating from Circleville High School in rural Ohio, his educational and career pursuits have taken him to urban areas ranging from Chicago to Connecticut. He began his career in the computing field at Christianity.com near Washington, D.C., where he helped churches and other ministries utilize the Internet. From there he transitioned into technology consulting, where he developed expertise in software engineering and business intelligence. He followed God's call into teaching after completing his master's degree and has a passion for ministering to students.


Ph.D. in Computer Science (expected 2016) from The Air Force Institute of Technology

M.S. in Computer Science (2011) from Yale University

B.A. in Religion (2002) from Duke University

Research Interests

Cybersecurity Education Game Theory and Cybersecurity

Current Sections

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