EGCP4210: Advanced Computer Architecture


Credit Hours: 3.0
Terms Offered: Fall
Elective Course


Advanced study of computer architecture with an emphasis on performance, performance metrics, benchmarks, integer and floating point concepts, data-path and control, super-scalar processing and pipelining, memory hierarchy, I/O and peripherals, vector, array and parallel processors, and multiprocessors. Projects include defining an instruction set architecture, writing a program in MIPS assembly, and writing simulators of basic pipelines and superscalar architectures.



  1. Students will understand the factors involved in the design of an Instruction Set Architecture (ISA).

  2. Students will demonstrate an in-depth understanding of basic pipelining.

  3. Students will demonstrate familarity with compiler-assisted techniques supporting computer architectures.

  4. Students will understand the design of superscalar and VLIW architectures.

  5. Students will demonstrate an understanding of basic memory hierarchy design, as well as familiarity with advanced techniques for improving memory hierarchy performance.


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