EGCP3010: Advanced Digital Logic Design


Credit Hours: 3.0
Terms Offered: Fall
Elective Course


Advanced treatment of digital logical design techniques and practices with emphasis on rapid electronic prototyping and effective use of advanced computer-aided design tools; schematic, textual and VHDL design entry; arithmetic circuits, advanced finite-state machines, and advanced controller implementations.



  1. To review the content of the previous Digital Logic Design Course (2).

  2. To understand the key differences in logic families and technology trends that effect design (4).

  3. To have an in-depth understanding of Programmable Logic Devices especially CPLDs and FPGAs (4).

  4. To become competent in the use of VHDL, and effectively design logic circuits using it (2, 4).

  5. To understand the Speed - Space - Design Time trade-offs (4).

  6. To become proficent at complex, real world logic design and interfaces (4).

  7. To be exposed to alternate Finite State Machine Design techniques (2).

  8. To be exposed to consideration of testing and design for testability including BIST (4).

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