EGCP1010: Digital Logic Design


Credit Hours: 3.0
Terms Offered: Fall, Spring
Core Course


Introduction to the fundamentals of digital logic design, number systems, Boolean Algebra, Karnaugh maps, computer simulation tools, combinational network design, flip flops, counters, state machines, and sequential networks. Circuits are designed in class and are built and evaluated in the laboratory. Two lecture hours and one two-hour laboratory per week


  • None



  1. To learn the binary number systems used in digital systems and computers.

  2. To master two level combinational logic design using Karnaugh maps.

  3. To understand and design with higher level building blocks such as Multiplexers, Decoders, Registers, Counters and Memory devices.

  4. To design simple synchronous finite state machines.

  5. To effectively use available software for simplification, simulation and verification.

  6. To become proficient in the digital design lab, connecting, debugging, and verifying logic circuits.

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