CS4810: Software Engineering I


Credit Hours: 3.0
Terms Offered: Fall
Core Course


The capstone design experience for computer science majors. Introduction to software engineering principles focusing on requirement development, detailed design, project scheduling, quality assurance, and testing. Student teams meet regularly to develop a project management plan, a requirements document, a detailed design, and being to implement their project that will be completed in CS4820.




The student will be able to:

  1. Identify and explain the fundamental tasks in a software project, including the overarching tasks such as project management and risk management.

  2. Interpret, summarize and extend customer requirements for a non-trivial educational or business problem into an implementable software specification.

  3. Cooperate in self-organized student teams to develop plans, procedures, schedules, architectures, and software to transform a software specification into its associated application.

  4. Demonstrate an aptitude in educational independence sufficient for learning and applying computer technologies which have not been explicitly modeled in lecture or lab settings.

  5. Explain design and implementation decisions in both oral presentations and written documents.


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