The computer science curriculum is designed to provide students with an excellent preparation for their future, grounded in biblical truth. The major requires 73.5 semester hours of course work. Additionally, computer science students are required to complete 42.5 semester hours of general education courses and 12 semester hours of electives. The list below shows required courses.

To see a complete overview of the Computer Science major, please visit the Undergraduate Academic Catalog or toggle a summary by clicking here.

Course Flowchart

Core Courses

Code Name Credits
CS1210 C++ Programming 2.0
CS1220 Object-Oriented Design with C++ 3.0
CS2210 Data Structures Using Java 3.0
CS3210 Programming Language Survey 3.0
CS3220 Web Applications 3.0
CS3310 Operating Systems 3.0
CS3350 Foundations of Computer Security 3.0
CS3410 Algorithms 3.0
CS3510 Compiler Theory and Practice 3.0
CS3610 Database Organization and Design 3.0
CS4810 Software Engineering I 3.0
CS4820 Software Engineering II 4.0
EGCP1010 Digital Logic Design 3.0
EGCP3210 Computer Architecture 3.0
EGCP4310 Computer Networks 3.0
EGGN3110 Professional Ethics 3.0
MATH2520 Discrete Math and Probability Principles for Computer Science 3.0

Cognate Courses

Code Name Credits
CHEM1050 Chemistry for Engineers 3.5
MATH1710 Calculus I 5.0
MATH1720 Calculus II 5.0
PHYS2110 General Physics I 4.0
PHYS2120 General Physics II 4.0

Elective Courses

Code Name Credits
CS3320 Linux System Programming 3
CS4320 Network Security 3.0
CS4330 Software Security 3.0
CS4410 Parallel Computing 3.0
CS4710 Computer Graphics 3.0
EGCP3010 Advanced Digital Logic Design 3.0
EGCP4210 Advanced Computer Architecture 3.0

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